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AWS re:Invent Kickoff

Business Digital Transformation is accelerating as companies race to engage their customers and deliver products and services via technology. The best IT organizations are transforming their focus from just a technology support role to helping the business envision the new possible. Cloud computing has become the preferred way to deliver technology infrastructure services. Over the past year, cloud computing technology has continued to mature to enterprise grade. Many solutions such as Dell Technologies Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is now on it’s fourth major version, converged infrastructure and public cloud service sales are growing at double digits. In addition, VMware has announced the capability to run their Cloud Foundation compute (vSphere) network(NSX), and storage (vSAN) on IBM and Amazon Cloud Services over the past two months.

This has led me to attend my first AWS re:Invent conference starting today. I am excited to learn more about the VMware Cloud Foundation on AWS offering and several of the new AWS services including:

  • Lambda architecture
  • Serverless architectures
  • Database service transition from relational architectures
  • Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence
  • IOT services

Many of the enterprise IT organizations I am working with are creating a bifurcated cloud strategy where all new application development is designed and deployed in clouds. Existing applications that can be transferred to cloud services are moving quickly to cloud infrastructure services without major transformations. This allows IT teams to get out of traditional infrastructure and data center management work. The resources freed up from traditional IT and data center management tasks will be applied to modernizing existing applications and creating new custom software to deliver new products and services.

My schedule for today is:


GPS01  --  Global Partner Summit Keynote

ARC205  --  Born in the Cloud; Built Like a Startup

ARC202  --  Accenture Cloud Platform Serverless Journey

BDM201  --  Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS

DEV205  --  Monitoring, Hold the Infrastructure: Getting the Most from AWS Lambda

DAT306  --  ElastiCache Deep Dive: Best Practices and Usage Patterns

BDM306  --  Netflix: Using Amazon S3 as the fabric of our big data ecosystem

GA02  --  Tuesday Night Live with James Hamilton

I will be posting my thoughts throughout the conference here throughout the week.


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