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January 2016

EMC Cloud Foundry Dojo Opening

The Digital Economy is forcing companies to build or re-build their application development capability. Modern applications are developing applications using new technologies and methodologies. Two challenges have emerged:

  • New open source projects provide tools that need to be enhanced
  • Demand for resources experienced with the new technologies and methodologies is greater than the current supply

The Cloud Foundry community has proposed creating places of learning called dojo’s. The dojo’s will focus on developing new Cloud Foundry features, retiring bugs, and qualifying new Cloud Foundry project contributors in weeks rather than the typical months. You can read more on the Cloud Foundry dojo program here.

Today, EMC announced the opening of the first Foundation Member sponsored dojo here. I recently had the opportunity to record EMC Global CTO, John Roese and EMC President of Cloud Platform Team, Brian Gallagher talking about the new dojo and their expectations.